Samsung Galaxi S5 review


Smart phones continues to grow from day to day continue to be refined to be beyond expectations will be very sophisticated so pesat.produktifitas large factories such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Motorola and China continue to compete Production and rampant. In the Asian region itself Blackberry highly favored by consumers, including Nokia which is now in aquisisi mikrosoft and Chinese brands like Esia, Zte and others.

Various variants are always sold out in every edition. Samsung galaxy smart phones and the latest variant Blackbery always in the waiting customers.
With more sophisticated features Smartphone able to master phone market in the world.

 Here's the latest Smartphone 2015
Samsung Galaxy S5

(Suitable for gaming)
5.1-inch screen


Processor Quad Core 2.5 GHz Krait 400

GPU Adreno 330


OS Kit Kat
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