The legend" Diana Ross"

The legendary Diana Ross with a beautiful sound.
making hysterical all the fans who loved the work of a legendary golden melodious voice Diana Ross.

Last night at Ross' Radio City Music Hall concert, the Queen of Motown chirped brightly, "Remember the old days that good? Memories.. Tonight is really about memories." The well-dressed, especially middle aged audience agreed, and recalled during the set Ross 'biggest, react as they hear the soundtrack of their youth playing 90 minutes live.The set career touches all the bases Ross' very success of his tenure as the center of the Supremes for a solo career.

While the chronology of hits wasn'ta straight sets, at the beginning of Ross's show offers a classic quartet won the Supremes. He started with "Reflection" and work through the "You Can not Hurry Love," "Come See About Me," and "Stop In the Name of Love."

There was never a question of power is the old songs still pack: almost everyone in the audience singing along and doing the hand jive traffic police is an integral part of "Stop In the Name of Love."

From the book solos, Ross is equally impressive, work Music Hall with a disco-era hits that made the mirror balls spin at the club in the early '80s, including songs "I'm Coming Out" followed by "syncopation Upside Down" unglued. That funk restless young and old from their seats.

The romantic ballads - "Touch Me in the Morning" playing "Endless Love" initial and final play - it seems the numbers that make the couple "oohs," "aahs" and leaning against each other.

And what a Diana Ross concert without, quick change costume spectacular.

Flip the skirt first took only 2 1 / 2 minutes. Cupboard next adjustment is as fast or faster, as he plowed through such flamboyant parade of Bob Mackie sequined, spangled, flouncy dresses in primary colors.

Ross, who has been strangely silent on the loss of her friend Michael Jackson last June, pamper yourself in the memories of this event, dedicating "Missing You" to the King of Pop and do his "You Are Not Alone."

On stage, everything looks easy for Ross, Billie Holiday and even do challenging "Do not Explain."

But even for a diva's diva, sang goodbye to Jackson looks tough.
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