Scientists findings medicine to cure Aids


Gogo healthy,The discovery of the scientists in medicine in Paris that AIDS can be cured if the discovery of two people in Paris who recover from a deadly disease it.This started after investigation that could in genetic engineering hiv virus can not develop in the body of the patient. should continue to develop this discovery is the latest strategy to combat the virus hiv.Penemuan they pour in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection.

Beginning with the discovery of a patient affected by hiv virus recovered from the virus do not develop and the blood test was cleared of the virus when it was time he contracted hiv.

And based on the investigation of existing viruses can not thrive and inactive due to genetic changes in the virus hiv connected with human cells. researchers concluded that it is part of the evolution that occurs suddenly between the virus and human. It was called the endogenization. '' Healing HIV might arise through endogenization HIV to humans, '' the researchers wrote in their journals. '' And this discovery continues to be developed.
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