Theophylline, heal yourself along with theophylline

Theophylline is a xanthine bronchodilator drug group The shaped tablets or capsules. Singer drugs used by orangutans trouble or respiratory obstruction, such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Theophylline will make breathing and help relieve symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, And breath husky WITH Opening the Air Line (bronchi) MORE Width Into the lungs so that air can freely flowing WITH MORE prepaid. Singer drug MAKE respiratory tract Muscles And Lose MORE relaxed response against lung irritants.

ABOUT theophylline
The group operates drug xanthine bronchodilator drugs
Prescription drugs group
Benefits Overcome Its Resultant Disorders symptoms OR Respiratory tract obstruction, such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / COPD.
Consumed by Adults And Kids
Tablet and capsule form of the drug
For pregnant women OR are planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding, ask doctor BEFORE taking the drug At Singer.
PLEASE Careful hearts singer for Patients taking medication heart disease, Liver disorders, hypothyroidism, hypertension, gastric ulcers, epilepsy, and porphyria.
Andari should limit consumption of Alcohol, Caffeine, smoking and taking drugs currently Singer to review Lowers Risks And Side Effects What Happens interfere Term theophylline absorbed by the body.
IF Andari experiencing flu-like symptoms OR Fever, let the industry know the doctor as soon as possible BECAUSE dosage received Yang Anda Need Customized.
IF MORE sensitive singer drugs consumed by orangutans Also Elderly And Children, WITH SIDE EFFECTS such as Heart Rate Rapid OR NOT irregular. Note the Side Effects And hearts blood drug levels.
Singer drugs can berinteraksi WITH drugs lie, be sure to review the doctor asks ON OR BEFORE Andari Pharmacists concurrently taking drugs lie WITH theophylline.
Allergic Reaction Occurs OR IF overdose, soon encountered Physician OR Go Into nearest hospital. Singer drugs can Highly Toxic if the overdose occurred.
dose theophylline
Dose Sales manager for a review of adult orangutan hearts taking theophylline is 300-600 mg per day. As for the reviews orangutan advanced age, the dose will Slightly lowered to review Reduce Side Effects of theophylline. The singer will be divided dose Becoming One Up Day hearts prayer time. While the dose for Children Adjusted Weight.
Eating theophylline WITH Properly
Be sure to review read instructions AT Drug packaging and follow the advice of doctors taking theophylline hearts. Do not add OR Reduce the dose of Doctors Without Permission.
It is advisable to review Continue using drugs theophylline WITH BECAUSE Brand Same Period of theophylline The body absorbed depending BETWEEN DIFFERENT WITH One other brands. Changes brand theophylline The body absorbs consumed MAKE MORE OR MORE Lots Of Little doses that already given by the doctor.

Singer drugs can be consumed with or without food. Do not crush OR chew tablet that was provided by the doctor. Similarly WITH capsule, Andari can swallow Directly Operated OR BY air.

The capsules can be swallowed Direct WITH air. For children, can Andari Opening the capsule and pour the contents Into Software FOOD differences like yogurt. Contents of the capsule should NOT be chewed and swallowed Direct.

Singer drug will work fine if content of theophylline hearts Blood is always stable. For reviews on maintaining IT, Always Singer drug consumption at the same time each day.

Be sure to review conduct Operate Regular visits to the doctor. Doctors Need to do blood tests to make sure the reviews Andari get a dose of Right And Also measuring blood level of potassium hearts. The Too High doses can cause poisoning while Too Low IF NOT going Effective hearts handling conditions.

Ask your doctor BEFORE Andari In taking the drug theophylline WITH OR vitamin lie simultaneously. Also Andari Keep Giving the industry know Doctor handle Andari Operation BEFORE BECAUSE some drugs can interfere with theophylline.

For Patients Who forgot taking theophylline, suggested Coming soon consume the next dose schedule Remembering IF NOT Too Close. Do not double the dose theophylline IN Next fixtures for review replace Yang missed dose.

Identify Side Effects And Dangers theophylline
Reaction Against orangutan A DIFFERENT drug widely. Some Side Effects That Can Happen Due to theophylline is:
Nausea and vomiting.
OR sore stomach cramps.
Rapid Heartbeats OR NOT irregular.
Sleep Disorders OR insomnia.
Loss of Appetite.
Frequent Small Remove air.
Feeling dizzy and headaches.
IF Side Effects Keep Happens prolonged, disrupting ACTIVITIES, OR Andari experienced Reaction Aler
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