steve jobs love apple

steve jobs love apple
steve jobs love apple,everybody know why?
Are there any of you are wondering why Steve Jobs using the apple name to name the company that was founded with Steve Wozniak?

Apple lovers are reported from the site,, there are some facts that may be associated with the provision of the name. Here are the facts:

Jobs had worked during the summer at an apple farm, and admired the Beatles' record label, Apple. He also felt the apple is the most perfect fruit. Reportedly, when the process of naming his company, Jobs and Wozniak did not find a better name than Apple.

As for the logo, they had decided to use the logo of a tree and a banner that said Apple Computer. But Jobs was, they need a simple logo and they pick the apples into the logo now without being bitten. Feeling shaped like oranges, it was decided bitten apple is their logo.
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